About Hungry in Helsinki

FINHungry In Helsinki is a collection of food stories from the people of Finland. In an attempt to tell the visual tale of the many meals and recipes created everyday, we asked people of all backgrounds and cultures to cook one dish for us and share the stories behind their love of food and cooking.

HyperFocal: 0Behind Hungry In Helsinki’s Writing:
  Galith, has lived in Finland for ten years, on her way back to France from North America, she took a turn right & never went back! As a cook, she enjoys discovering new flavors, clever tips to save time in the kitchen and reproducing the taste from home. She revisits her childhood favorites from French and Middle Eastern kitchen and explores Finnish classics with a twist! Avid food lover, she is the person behind the text and takes the photos of her recipes shared in Galith’s Food Stories.

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Behind “Your Food Stories” Pictures: img_5767st Ofer has lived and worked as a photographer in Finland for the past eighteen years. He is a meticulous, artistic and dedicated individual with an authentic admiration for flavors. His vibrant personality effortlessly captures the most beautiful moment of food making and the people who create them. Read about Ofer’s Food Stories

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When a food loving photographer & a food blogger get together what else can come out but the irreverent food diaries of the people of Finland? Hungry In Helsinki tells the tale of many meals, shared by the people who made them. We hope you enjoy reading about it as much as we do sharing it!

Would you like to take part of Hungry In Helsinki and share your food stories with us? Drop us a comment on the blog and we will contact you.

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We love to hear from you, so remember to tag the recipes you try with #hungryinhelsinki !

All the best! Ofer & Galith

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