No Fuss sunday baking with Valo 24h


We’ve all been there, planning a dinner party or simple Sunday afternoon get together with friend, and as the guest-list increases, so do the “special diets” requirements. When it comes to accommodating vegetarian preferences, both Ofer & I are pretty flexible and have countless time designed full dinner parties around perfectly roasted eggplants and other Mediterranean delicacies. However we both agree that it can get trickier as Vegan or Gluten free start to make an appearance. As hosts, we also find it really important not to make anyone feel singled out or give the  impression that their needs made us work harder to accommodate them. As more and more dietary preferences make way, it is essential not to compromise the taste and experience either. Luckily there are plenty of product here in Finland that have made such situations so much easier to handle and are now part of our pantry must haves!


To find products that can accommodate vegan, we love to browse this site “ and discovered the delicious Valo 24h line of products with their different kinds of gluten free flours and ready-made baking mix.

0S4A8843STWe got even more excited when we discovered that not only are all Valo24h products gluten free, lactose free, GMO free and suitable for vegan diets but that they also taste ABSOLUTELY delicious!  As part of our usual Sunday baking meet up, we tested their muffins mix and seeds cracker mix. Both are easy to prepare, just to add water and oil and put in the oven.

Seed Cracker Mix: 

0S4A3226STNothing simpler than this seed cracker mix; one of our tip was that you may want to cook it a bit longer to really get your crisp on; as the recipe doesn’t call for any, we added some beautifully crunchy sea salt on top and enjoyed it with a variety of dips the entire day.

Though we also have our own recipe, we really enjoyed this particular version for both its simplicity and healthy combination!


Raspberry Muffins


This recipe was pretty straightforward, thought it required some beating time attention, but all in all, the muffins came out soft & really flavorful.

For the color and sweetness we added some frozen raspberry to the mix in the end.


For more recipes inspirations for Vegetarian or Gluten Free choices, read on!

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