Sunny Squash for slushy sunday


Oven roasted Hokkaido Squash, with garlic, red onion, rosemary & oregano.            Drizzle of Olive Oil, Salt & pepper. 30-40 minutes under grill.

It’s a cold evening in Helsinki.

I’m hungry and i don’t feel like fancy cooking. In the fridge there is a Camembert that is making its presence known;  on the countertop a few pieces of rye bread are looking lonely.

I toss the rye bread in the hot oven while the squash gathers a burnt caramel flavour under the hot grill. The garlic smell is intoxicating.  But  even more beautiful is the mox of onion herbs sizzling in the olive oil.

The dish is served as-is, Some Dijon mustard on the rye bread, generous spoonful of the squash with some melting camembert on top, but really any cheese would do at this point…





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