Ode to a spud

One of the things that grows almost despite of you in Finland are root vegetables. They are generous,  inexpensive and deliciously versatile. Yet who ever thinks twice about them?

“What a wonderful boiled potato” said none ever!

I find it such a shame to witness the jaded nonchalance they are submitted to. Like an overly reliable companion who no longer surprises you and that you neglect to celebrate in their glorious dependability. And who could blame you, ungrateful friend,  as it is true that love fades when all it has to carry it through the years is the unwavering melted butter, coarse salt & shredded dill combination.

10890837_1473720752951038_3058023_nFear no more, for I have found a way to reignite the passion that seemed long gone! As a child, around fall time, would start appearing endless variation of gloriously honey roasted vegetables. As the days drew shorter, and the damp northern French winter entered the home, the oven seemed in constant labor, and the food appeared sunnier and brighter by the passing weeks.

Any vegetables would do, but in this case I used: A small squash (no need to peel), 2 red & 2 white onions,  2 handfuls of potatoes, 4 large carrots. a few beetroots, a garlic sliced lengthwise, generously drizzled with olive oil, any herbs lingering around ( rosemary, thyme, oregano,..) and tossed with a few spoons of honey. Salt & pepper – to a 180C oven for 40 minutes or until the vegetables are tender and roasted on top.

As always, this recipe couldn’t be mine if it didn’t require minimal effort. I roughly chop all the vegetables to similar sized pieces to ensure they would cook evenly, then I simply toss them with the seasoning at hand and depending on the mood, more or less honey.  I love that round clay dish  bought for a few euros during one of my trips in Spain, so I place it directly to the table  in to gives it the simpler, unfussy character it deserves. I enjoy serving this as a main dish, with creamy goat cheese and rye on the side, but trust me, this one will work just as well as a side dish with roasted meat and some French Dijon mustard.

Are you in love yet?

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