Kalasatama, mon amour

In Helsinki there is a secret place. It’s a place where the sea surrounds you, the wind taste salty and the city’s luminescent heartbeat pulses with a decadent tranquility.

kalasatama 3

Making Giant soap bubbles… just because

I’m a city child, I’ve always been. I need the proof of life that comes from the movement and agitation of the city. Yet, from my venture point, as I stare at the immobile White church, the stillness of the sea and the hypnotizing pendulum of the construction sites incessantly mushrooming new buildings, I feel content. Motion & calm all at once. The light here is indescriptible, it has the strange property of taking over the space and give it a shine that seems almost as if coming from inside the objects it touches. It’s overwhelming beautiful.

Yes, I’ll admit it; i’m in love.

How could I not be? What other place can provide me with the urban feeling my heart longs for and still keep the clarity & rawness of Finnish nature all at once?

The one thing that grows without too much work! Planting potatoes in our downstairs patch of earth

I’m looking forward to see how this neighborhood will evolve. I just have one hope, that the edginess doesn’t give way to the hype and that the integrity of this place continues to inspire the life of those who care for it.

The most random stuff happens here. Last summer, a student showed up with a truck-full of organically grown potatoes against recipes.. How could I resist? I traded a French Classic : “le Gratin dauphinois” and went home with a grin & more recipes to try.

idea potatoes
Le Gratin Dauphinois. 1-1.5 kg of potatoes, crushed garlic (1 clove or more to taste), 30cl of creme fraîche, 100g of butter, 1 liter of milk, salt pepper & nutmeg to season. Peel & thinly slice the potatoes (do not wash them after cutting, you’ll need to starch) . Mix the milk salt, nutmeg pepper & garlic in a pot, bring to a boil & place the sliced potatoes for 10-15 minutes. Butter an oven dish and place the potatoes in the dish; cover with the cream and let cook in a 160C oven for 1 hour or until golden & cooked through.

How about you, which recipe would you have traded?

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