Restaurant day in sunny Helsinki

Yesterday was definitely the best day of the year to be Hungry in Helsinki.

The restaurant day took part all over the country and the sunny weather lifted up the spirit and colors to top levels.
Helsinki definitely got up the energy level  and had all facts right on the table, summer is here, so let’s have a bowl!
The restaurant day was created to give a chance to anybody who wants to serve the public his/hers own made food.
The first restaurant day took place in May 2011 and has grown steadily ever since.
All the neighborhoods of Helsinki were packed with people in a big colorful celebration.
The great smells of delicious food were changing while walking along from sweet Belgian waffles, fried falafel and Chinese, barbecue, and more..
Food in general has taken new paths and the fact that there is more variety, creativity and competition makes us reap the benefits.
At around 16.00 pm in the afternoon, you could have walked freely since most people rushed home and to the bars to watch the semi finals ice hockey world championship where Finland won over Russia 3-1.
Now, we should keep hoping that Finland will win today in the finals so we will have a replay celebration in Helsinki center next week.






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  1. freebutfun says:

    Great day of tastes AND ice hockey 😉


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