Rome is in Kalasatama

After a long stroll on the frozen island, you pass the gorgeous Isoisänsilta (Grandfather’s bridge) connecting Mustikamaa to Kalasatama. There, waiting peacefully for the weary travelers, is located the unassuming looking Trattoria Presto. Immediately as you enter, you are greeted by the friendly staff. Working beside the oven, a busy pizzaiolo elegantly pulls perfect looking circles of dough destined to turn into what I am not afraid to name, the best pizza in Helsinki! For more that 12 years, the Chef has been perfecting the dough, combining different flours and mastering the art of rising & resting time to achieve one of the most exciting and flavorful pizza crust I’ve ever tasted.

The service is kind, fast and efficient. Children are not only welcome but treated like royalties, with specially shaped pizza brought to them with a smile and a individual chef’s hat. As for the options, they are simple and focused to perfection. No unnecessary fuss there, proper pizza and pasta and a few meat and fish dishes to accommodate everyone.

We left full, happy and absolutely will continue going there on a regular basis(i.e when my kitchen is too clean to cook in!)

What we ate: 1 Pizza Della Nona, 1 Pizza Contadina, 2 Margheritas, Price was ~50€ including a large bottle of san Pellegrino and a Coke. Kids charmed the staff into getting an ice cream!

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