Donuts mania

_mg_1310stDonuts are  like a forbidden fruit to me, luckily; they are allowed to eat once a year.
These sindul bites of perfection are a perfect celebration staple and are not only acceptable but recommended this time of the year.
As a child, I have vivid memories of my Mom standing by the hot pan; patiently deep frying the beautiful golden shapes.. it felt nearly impossible to wait until they would cool down to fill them up with jam and decorate them with icing sugar. Our home would retain the sweetest smell and make us children mad from anticipation.
Today is the last candle of Hanuka and donuts are the classic symbols for this holiday.
I mostly like to make them myself, when there is enough time and no hurry at all.
There are so many recipes I have tried and so many kinds of donut variations but this year, I have been exited about the imagination and creativity of the bakeries in Tel Aviv.
Here is a recipe and some versions of different donuts made by Roladin bakery.
Happy new year!
A recipe for 30 donuts:
  • 1 kg white flour
  • 5 dl lukewarm water
  • 100g sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tp salt
  • 60 gr fresh yeast or 30 gr dry yeast
  • 90 gr melted margarine or butter
  • 2 tp vanilla essence
  • 2 tp rhum
  • 2 ts cognac (optional)
For the filling & glazing
  • Strawberry/Cherry jam
  • Icing sugar


  1. Put into a mixer the flour, sugar, yeast and mix well.
  2. Add gradually the water, eggs and essences and mix for 3 min on low speed.
  3. Continue for another 3 min on higher speed.
  4. Add melted margarine and mix for another 4 min on high speed.
  5. Flatten the dough into a sheet of 1 cm on a floured surface and cut into circles shape of 50 gr each
  6. Cover in a warm place and let it rest for 30min – 1 hour.
  7. Heat oil for deep frying into 170 degrees and fry till light brown each side of the donut.
  8. Leave to cool on some absorbing paper and inject strawberry/cherry jam into the donut.
  9. Spread icing sugar on top and enjoy.
You can use your imagination about the toppings and fillings and make your own personal creation.

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  1. Your donuts look amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


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