Wia’s time-stopping breakfast smoothie


We are running late, … again!

10 years in Finland have finally gotten to my core and I can’t help feeling myself rushing to make it on time to meet Wia. As I speed-walk through the city barely looking around me, I finally reach Kuuma café. There, Wia gently waves all my concerns away with a peaceful smile and a welcoming gesture to invite me to sit and relax…

which I diligently do…

.. and suddenly, time is suspended, as Ofer joins me, I realize that I have been looking through the window for quite some time now…


The tables are strategically located next to a single large window, and somehow deliver the double feat of isolating the guests from the street noise, while still allowing them to soak in the energy and movement of the city. All around, budding avocado plants proudly stretching their leaves towards the sun and gentle whispers of conversation barely reaching me. Everywhere, soft fabrics, candles and cleverly selected objects from the cohost of the place #NestFactory.


With every passing minute, I can hear the noise in my head fading away.

I sip on a masterfully crafted Macha latte while browsing the “build your own breakfast” menu punctuated with many vegetarian and vegan options, and a clear focus on zero waste and low carbon footprint.


How does a place like that just exists? Hiding in plain sight in the heart of the city, concealed among the pebbled streets and vintage stores and antique bookshops?

“We started from a small spot not far from here” explains Wia. “My sister, Tara, had some previous experience and continued to learn on the job and develop with time. In my case, it was a full 180 in my career, from working is marketing agency to suddenly making coffee for a living, it was like: “So…. Cappucino; …. tell me more about it!” she laughs.

“But now, I just couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else!”

Whatch a short video of the story on our IGTV at: https://www.instagram.com/tv/Bo5w9BYHQiv/


Wia’s Green smoothie

for 6 small or 3 large glasses

  • 2 bananas
  • 1 handful of fresh Coriander ( roughly 30 grams ) – Trust us it works!!
  • 1 handful of Fresh Mint
  • 1 peeled Lime
  • 1 whole large Avocado
  • 1 tablespoon Baobab Powder (sold at Kuuma) – can be omitted-
  • 2 to 2,5 dl of apple juice
  • 300 grams baby spinach leaves



  1. Mixed all the ingredients together except the spinach in a blender
  2. Add spinach and more juice to taste and for better texture and blend until smooth
  3. Place in freezer and serve really cold on a summer day!


For a first timer, drinking anything made of baobab, I must say I want to believe in its property to emphasizes the health effect of avocado & lime. I also admit I was very suspicious of the indicated amount of coriander. As I sip cautiously, I can’t help voicing my surprise at the satisfactory combination of mint and coriander flavour!


The drinks are served with raw nut & dried fruits balls to gives this treat, the extra satisfactory bite!

There are moments when stopping is not only an option, it’s a necessity. Few places give you this opportunity as Kuuma does, so have a go at it: get lost in the city, skip on the pebble-stone streets and enjoy a late afternoon breakfast while watching everyone else rush through life….



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