When even trees can celebrate…

Splash of frozen Snow on Kalasatama Studio’s facade

In its white desolation, winter is a time of irremediable renewal. Under the immobile earth & sea, life is silently bursting, awaiting for a caress of the sun to rise and deploy its grandiose beauty…

The hours may feel long and the air may taste frozen but beyond the unforgiving silver harshness, I long for those warm moments. The moments when the eyes close by themselves under the Nordic iridescence and when the air vibrates as  the warmth finally rises. It is cold now, but the smell of roasting spices and coffee melts with the sweet tingles of ripe fruits and console me in the fact that, as winter will subside, so the anguish will fade.

Today is a strange celebration; in the middle of winter, it’s a feast of the trees, Tu b’shvat, and though it is customary to celebrate by eating fruits such as dates, pomegranate or figs and be joyous, forgive me if, today of all days, I can’t bring myself to get into a festive mood. Instead I’ll be in spirit with my family, in France and in all places, admiring their spectacular display of fruits & other beauties from around the world!

Organic dried figs, candied ginger, fragrant green olives, Sultana raisins, wheat & almonds
Walnuts, Olive oil, dates
Medjoul dates & apples, North & south together
bounty of ripe fruits from around the world, mangoes, pears, pomegranate, litchis, ginger….


To all my friends and family around the world, have a wonderful & joyous Tu B’shvat celebration.

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