Healthy spring baskets & a raffle!

Want to take part in our Easter raffle? Scroll down & pick your favorite SoNatural color, then Like & comment on their Facebook Page to get selected for a delicious prize!

As kids, celebrating Passover in France usually meant that we would avoid TV for a week, for fear of having to watch the special Easter TV commercials. These were filled with giant chocolate eggs, sweet round pastries and madly enticing deliciousness, that no Papouchado  (which we happily read Papoucrado – aka “dirty Papou” until now) could ever compete with. For us, Easter always felt like a really poorly timed holiday.


Luckily as an adult, I can make up for all these years of pretending that the start of Spring meant excitedly chewing on cardboard Matza bread and counting the days until our own little liberation from this endless “no leavened bread” holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I actually started enjoying Passover around 10 years ago, when it meant we could take the week off and escape the snowy April in Helsinki and take some long awaited sunlight in France instead.

One of my guilty secret is to actually celebrate Easter ahead of time. As soon as the shops start storing them, the home is filled with millions of fresh flowers,  candies and all the egg shaped chocolate I can find.  The kids are allowed to join me too, but really it’s for me.


This year is no exception. However, as we are trying to be more environmentally friendly & to go with the healthier options whenever possible, I couldn’t resist designing those gift baskets around the  SoNatural raw juices colors! Not only are these packed with delicious organic and raw products, the kids and I also made a point to try & get as many things as possible from 2nd hand or recycling centers. I’m really excited about the result. These came out beautiful and have minimal impact on the environment, and are perfect to gift anytime this Spring

The Green One:


  • Basket from kierratyskeskus, decoration from France
  • 2 bottles of SoNatural “Avokado” raw juice
  • 2  large organic avocados,
  • 1 bottle of extra virgin Olive oil, Affiorato Gallantino
  • a bouquet of Fresh hebs (coriander, parsley,..)
  • Dry fruits, nuts & organic figs from Ruohonjuuri
  • 2 packets of decorative seeds from Nelson

The Red One: 


  • 1 large Organic Pomegranate
  • Homemade meringues Blossoms
  • 2 Bottles of Red RawJuice “granaatiomena”
  • Fresh Roses & other red flowers
  • a small jar of dried cranberries 
  • 2 large pieces of Raw Chocolate bark from Dammenberg
  • 1 pack of Goodio Raw chocolate 

The Orange one:


  • A few organic Jaffa oranges, 
  • a jar of dried pineapple and papaya from Earth Control
  • A set of matching writing cards & paintbrush from Kierrätyskeskus craft section
  • 1 bottle of Orange AllNatural rawJuice “porkkana”
  • 1 organic ginger Roots
  • Peach fruit paste from France (Jacques Pepin’s recipe)

The Yellow One: 


  • Raw & organic turmeric shoots
  • A set of matching writing cards & paintbrush from Kierrätyskeskus craft section
  • Fresh tulips in a small vase
  • A jar of dried pineapple and papaya from Earth Control
  • Jellybeans
  • 1 Bottle of yellow SoNatural “Inkivääri”

these were so much fun to assemble & I really encourage you to try it out! Despite my preamble, a Easter basket doesn’t have to be only chocolate. Have fun with the concepts, add candles, crafts, raw honey, flowers, seasonal fruits & vegetable, lemonade … or simply enjoy how sunny it’s soon to be 🙂

Ps- You can find SoNatural Super juice in all good K-Supermarkets & K-Citymarket in Finland!

Oh, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite basket to take part of the Raffle on SoNatural Facebook page for a chance to win exciting presents! will it be Green, yellow, Orange or Red? we couldn’t choose so we will let you decide 🙂

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