Applefee that leaves you speechless

A recipe by Prisca Leclerc.

I was totally taken while looking at Prisca preparing this wonderful dessert.

The smooth movements of caramelizing the apples, and the texture of it, made me even more eager to wait and see the final result.

So happy to have this opportunity to share this recipe with you.


We used:

Bosch 70cm wide Vita fresh fridge-freezer

Bosch serie 8 gas hob 60cm ceramic

Bosch hand mixer 500W red

For the crust

10 bastogne or other cinnamon cookies

75 g butter

The apples

2 acidic apples (Granny Smith)

25 g butter

1 dl sugar

The caramel

1,5 dl cream

a big pinch of sea salt

The Chantilly

1,5 dl cream

1 tbs sugar

150 g crème fraiche

a 20 cm pie mold

Smash the cookies to a fine flour like texture.

Melt the butter and mix.

Let it rest for a while and press into the 20cm pie mold and put to the refrigerator for 20 min.

Wash the apples thoroughly and cut off the core with an apple corer. Cut into 1 cm pieces.

Melt butter in a large pan and add sugar.

When sugar has melted add the apples and cook at low temperature until the apples are slightly caramelized. They don’t need to be thoroughly cooked.

Take the apples a side and cook the sugar mix in the pan until dark brown and thick.

Add the cream at once and whisk.

Cook the caramel until it’s nice, brown and thick.

Add salt and pour into a small dish to cool in room temperature.

Take the crust from the fridge.

Beat the cream with sugar to a soft whipped cream.

Add crème fraîche and whip till tight cream.

Put the apples on the crust, pour on some caramel.

Add the cream and finish with the rest of the caramel or let everyone serve themselves.

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