Delicious Quiches

As a rule of thumb, one should always have a few ready-made savory pies pastries in the freezer.  Yes sure, it’s as nice to make your own, but by all mean, no one will ever know the difference so think twice because by the time they are defrosted, you can prepare the filling & get your oven to the perfect 200C temperature!

Caramelized Smoky Onion & Spinach & Cottage savory Pies!
See below for the recipes:

To me, Quiches – pronounce “Keesh”–   are everything that is right in this world! A crusty crumbly golden base and a warm, flavorful and cheesy combination of pretty much anything you have lying around in your pantry will surely convince you they are worth the minimal effort they require! Once cooked, they keep a few days in the fridge and are delicious reheated or even at room temperature. Serve it with a salad & feel like a kitchen superstar!

Finally because they are so simple to prepare, if you are already considering making one, then go ahead and make 2! It’s no trouble at all and it allows for even more flavors.:

Common Steps:

  • Defrost the savory pie crusts (30 min – 1 hour ahead)
  • Defrost about 350g frozen Spinach – drain excess water
  • Mix together 2 dl liquid cream and mix it with 4 eggs* ( If you only make 1 pie, then use half only)
  • Grate 250g of emmental type of cheese ( Edam, cheddar, Gruyere are fine too)

1- Spinach & cottage Quiche

  • 350g defrosted (preferably organic) Spinach
  • 100g of creamy cottage (I like the Goldessa one)  – Opt. Some feta cheese crumbled instead or in addition + 100g of the grated cheese
  • a dash of nutmeg, salt & pepper
  • *Half of the egg + 1 dl liquid cream mix


  • roll the dough into an oven proof dish (no need to oil it)
  • In a bowl, mix together , the spinach, cheese, half of egg&cream mixture – season with nutmeg, salt & pepper
  • Put the mixture onto the dough and sprinkle with grated cheese
  • place in the oven at 200C for 35 minutes or until the center is not wiggly and the bottom is cooked through

2- Smoky Caramelized Onion & Tuna Quiche

  • 30g Grated Smoked Cheese (e.g”Kippari”) + 100g of the yellow grated cheese
  • 6 large onions thinly sliced
  • 1 can of Tuna drained
  • *Half of the egg + 1 dl liquid cream mix
  • Optional: frozen peas

Brown the onions in a pan with some oil at medium-high temperature with a lid on. Move around as little as possible, but enough to prevent from sticking. To accelerate the process you can also add a bit of brown syrup or sugar (~1 tablespoon) and some soy sauce. You can stop when the onions are translucent and a rich golden color. Let aside to cool

  • in a mixing bowl (you can use the same as before  -less dishes to clean later 😉 )
  • mix the onion, grated Kippari and the tuna flakes,
  • add in the cream& egg mixture , season with salt & pepper and
  • place onto the dough.
  • Sprinkle with the rest of the grated cheese and place in the oven at 200C for 40 minutes or until the center is not wiggly and the bottom is cooked through

If you have both Quiches in the oven at the same time – make sure to switch position half-way to ensure they cook evenly. If you only have one – then place in the middle of the oven

Voila! Enjoy this week end favorite which happens to be a perfect leftover for a busy week.. I know I will!

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