Ice cream and a secret hideaway

Follow me, I know a place.


It’s a secret hideaway, not too far from the daily noise yet magically distant in its location and unique perspective. Planted on a small hill, as if not aware of its own sovereign position, Villa Ylänne nesting the exotically named “Peroba Cafe” is calling you to come in, to sit by the natural light, and to discover the extravagant wonders Terhi & Jukka have dreamt for you on that day.

“Peroba”, is the name of wood from South America explains Terhi, while every nook and crannies of the house reveals her impeccable taste and a witty sense of aesthetic. The space is furnished with heavy pieces of wood and dark layers across the white walls give a sense of how high the ceilings truly are. The natural light dims gently on the table which has been adorned with flowers cut from the villa’s own garden. The mix of strong statement pieces and airy natural elements is overwhelming harmonious.

As Terhi praises Jukka’s “learning by doing” in the renovation of this unique space into a café, we sip on a masterful cappuccino and sample an embarrassing amount of cheese-cakes!

The conversation flows effortlessly between minimising our carbon footprint to the many countries the family has lived in for the past 10 years, to finally settle on the passion we share, food!

From the meat of Buenos Aires which only requires fire a sprinkle of slat and of course a glass of red wine on the side, we travel to the many dinners eaten in Honk Kong, all these experiences have guided the couple to design a unique and simple combination of beautiful surrounding and high quality products.

Among others this delicious pomegranate and raspberry no churn ice cream:


                 Pomegranate- raspberry ice cream


  • 2 dl pomegranate purée
  • ½ dl sugar
  • 1,5 dl raspberries
  • 6 dl whipping cream
  • 400 g condensate milk
  • ½ dl glucose syrup



Mix pomegranate purée, sugar and raspberries together and cook them quickly. Let it cool.

Mix condensate milk and glucose syrup together. Add this to pomegranate mixture.

Whip the cream (not too thick) and mix it with the condensate milk-pomegranate compound.

Put ice cream compound to frost durable dish.

You can layer part of the compound and fresh raspberries in turns to add some ”purutuntuma”.

Let the ice cream freeze over night. Enjoy!

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